The Digital Lab

Networking, Business, Digital Innovation e Start-up support in the territory

What is the Digital Lab?

The Digital Lab aims to seek, select and support the growth of new ideas of business that can take root in the territory, with the awareness that “inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest” … because here “nothing is impossible”.

The Digital Lab is a laboratory focused on training, communication, events offering an environment open to the territory ad online with nationl and international partners. Only a long-term vision can generate development and employment, just as only care and dedication to plants can guarantee us a green and flourishing environmnent where to find comfort.

Innovation Lab


The Digital Lab is a business school: a place where knowledge finds fertile ground to grow into concrete ideas. The mutual exchange of know-how is a fundamental value that enriches our network of contacts and facilitates the management of the complexity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here you can find a real laboratory where to build a solid and competent business project, ready to face the market with determination.

START-UP: Our pathway

Nature is for all of us a source of inspiration and solutions in every field, from organization and networks to communication, from materials to energy supply. We envision an ecosystem, a physical and a virtual place, that it may become, by taking inspiration from the relationship between plants, a forest of ideas, of interconnected networks and new forests to plant. Why rely on seeds? Because the seed needs care, water and patience to wait for it to grow regularly, perseveringly and accurately. Seedlings are nurtured by light and time, then slowly grow into saplings and finally into tall trees, autonomous plants laden with fruits.

We create a reality bursting with ideas, talents and innovation projects.

We aim at attracting new Start-ups in our territory, generally known for food and tourism, with the ambition to make it a fertile ground for digital innovation. We imagine lots of seeds that can became mature, autonomous and fruitful plants with perseverance, passion and expertise. That’s how we will able to support new ideas and generate economy, staying in step with the times and always being connected and up-to-date.

ico territorio
Promoting the territory
ico startup
Supporting Start-ups
ico ecnomia
Generating economy
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Connecting to the world
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